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These versatile light and warm pieces are not just a beautiful addition to your home decor, they can be used for travel, for picnics at the races, a day’s sailing or to simply see out dusk with a glass of wine on a summer’s night.


Ariun Collection

Organic and untouched, our Ariun collection showcases the natural colors of the fleece - white, beige, brown and soft grey.  No dye, no additives:  Pure, simple elegance.



Available in single, queen and king sizes. The dense weave of the finest cashmere fibres gives an instant warmth, yet breathable quality which keeps the body temperature just right.  Our blankets will complement any room.  Sleep under a Chagaan blanket once and nothing else will do.  Unashamed luxury and no compromise


Q2 Collection - Superfine Shawls

Q2 Collection