Care for your cashmere


The sought after, supersoft cashmere of Mongolia has been a part of nomadic life for centuries. With careful maintenance, your Chagaan Cashmere pieces can continue to give you the comfort and style you love for many years. Follow this simple guide for long-lasting luxury.

Dry Cleaning / Washing
We recommend dry clean for all Chagaan cashmere products, particularly blankets, throws and shawls. However, smaller knitted items such as jumpers can be gently hand washed in lukewarm water (30° or less at all times) with cashmere or wool shampoo; Do not rub or wring. Rinse well, and squeeze the water out in a “lump”. Lay flat on a towel at room temperature to dry.  If needed, gently iron using a cool setting with a damp cloth. When 99% dry, you may even put your jumper in the dryer for a minute or two on cool to fully restore shape.

Cashmere is a natural fibre and as such, pilling will occur over time. This is normal and does not indicate poor quality.  Remember to de-pill your cashmere garment before washing.