What makes Mongolian cashmere so special?
Cashmere producing goats are bred in many parts of the world; Scotland
and Australia being two examples. However, whilst one can nurture an
animal in any country, one cannot transplant its living environment. The
native Mongolian Hircus goat‘s fleece is grown as a result of the extreme
climate in which it lives: as low as -40 degrees in winter and up to 40
degrees in summer. The goats are insulated by a fine under-down between
the body and long protective outer fleece. The resulting fibre is the softest
yet most breathable of materials, keeping the body temperature just right.
If you are the sum of your environment, then nothing compares to
magnificent Mongolia.


CHAGAAN: Means “white” or “pure” in Mongolian and our brand signature focuses on the pure natural colours that come from the native Hircus goat. ”Ariun” which also means pure is featured in the Chagaan range. Phonetically spelled Tse’gaan, the Chagaan label evokes the origins of our cashmere, the magnificent history of Mongolia, and the nomadic, self sufficient and proud nature of Mongolian life.

ETHICAL TRADE: These products are as organic as it gets! Free to roam, the herds grow their fine under down to see them through bitter winters and shed ahead of equally extreme summer temperatures. The fibres are combed out during the natural molting season in spring.